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Admit it. Your gym bag stinks.

As bad as it stinks, what’s worse is that the smell is an indicator of the presence of millions of germs and bacteria. But you’re a good jiujitsu student. Just as coach says, you take your gi out after each practice and wash it. You never wear a dirty gi to class. 

At the end of class, you toss your dirty gi back into your gym bag. Even if it’s not soaked in sweat or visibly soiled, think about all the people and things you and your gi came into contact with. You’re keenly aware of all of the skin-borne diseases susceptible to grapplers, so you’re anxious to shower as soon as possible. You’re probably not as anxious to give your gym bag the same treatment. Without air-drying and thoroughly disinfecting your bag after each use, that gym bag becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

What so many of us do the next day, unfortunately, is shove a clean gi back into that dirty bag, and the cycle repeats. Unless you’ve got a really solid and labor-intensive system going, you are constantly transferring germs from your dirty bag onto your clean gi. You are constantly coming to class in a dirty gi!

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