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Re-imagining The Gym Bag

At Kimono 2 Go, our goal is to re-imagine the way you bring your gear to and from the gym or dojo. We are doing away with bulky, unsanitary gym bags. The Kimono 2 Go is a simple and efficient way to roll up your gear and go without bogging up a gym bag, or carrying around sweat and grime.


Who We Are


Founder & CEO


I am an entrepreneur and BJJ coach, and I developed Kimono 2 Go with my wife Tawnya in 2018. We invented Kimono 2 Go for athletes to transport their uniforms in a more sanitary, space-saving, and fashionable way.
I was born in Turkey and I moved to the United States in 1998.  I began training Brazilian Jiujitsu in 2006 in San Diego at City Boxing. There, I trained with Brandon Vera, Dean Lister, Mike Fowler and Carlos Baruch Ferreira.  I also trained at Throwdown Elite, now known as Victory MMA. I had the opportunity to train with Dean Lister, James Nilsen, Greg McIntyre and Jocko Willink. 
After that, I moved to Clark Gracie Jiujitsu Academy, where I also began teaching classes.  Then, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.  While going through chemotherapy, my friends, teammates and jiujitsu family were all there for me.  I watched a lot of youtube BJJ videos, until I finally beat cancer and was able to return to the mat.
Four years ago, I went to Seattle for two weeks for a job training, where I met my beautiful wife.  Soon after, I moved to Seattle, Washington, to be with her. I now train and teach classes with UFC veteran Ivan Salaverry.  I have three amazing kids.

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